Derric McElheney
(716) 904-2593

Hello, I’m Derric McElheney a former camper and now the Camp Director. Back in 2001 I started with the program with the needs of social skills, life skills, behavioral management, and respite from home. I had been diagnosed with ADHD and severe depression and I lacked the skills to make friends and keep them. I was surrounded by youth just like me, kids who understood what it was liked to be bullied, struggled with thoughts of suicide, and couldn’t keep friends. I was dropped into a setting where all the staff understood who I was or at least wanted to.

All I wanted was to be able to have fun without getting in trouble. Camp provided just that plus more, through three years as a camper I gained most of the skills needed allowing me to become more successful at home and in my community. I was offered to return as a counselor for many years where I was able to give back to the youth some of the things I had been able to learn.

Through working at camp I was presented with the opportunity to lead a few youth in creating No One Way. Between the two programs I was able to fully give back to youth what I had been given over the years. At the end of the 2011 season camp went from residential camp to a day camp and I decided not to return for the 2012 season. In 2013 I was presented with the opportunity to become the Camp Director. With little hesitation I jump at the opportunity and have been with the program again ever since.

Through the years I acquired God in my life and have continued to better the person I am. Without my faith I would not be where I am today. I am now married to Kymrie McElheney and we have 60 -90 kids. I almost remember all of their names… well maybe I help our Cattaraugus Community by serving roughly 90 youth every year between the two programs.

My passions are for the youth of our community and the effects they have with in it. I want to give back to the youth what has been given to me by allowing these youth the possibility to be successful, understood, loved, skillful, and to have fun.
Our mission is to promote mental health and wellness in children, and young adults through mentoring, socialization, education for participants and the community all while having fun and learning from one another.