No One Way
N.O.W. is a teen support group that was started in 2008 for transition age youth to learn how to cope with everyday life. The focus of this youth/peer run group is to get teens and young adults of the community to help each other get through everyday problems and break the chain of STIGMA in our community.
212 Laurens St Olean NY 14760
2:30 – 6:00 pm Every Friday – Ages 12-24
Up the left of the large front steps, in the left door and down to the basement
50 Iroquois Dr, Salamanca, NY 14779
Only students of this district are allowed to attend
2:30 – 6:00 pm Every Thursday – Ages 10-21
NOW meets weekly in a structured, comfortable, relaxed environment to learn, talk, chill, mentor one another and share experiences. Weekly meetings consist of sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences good and bad. Participants begin and end each meeting with free time to play cards, board games or just hang out and spend time talking about the issues or concerns hot to them this week. Decision making and coping skills are taught several times a month and participants also have free time to spend as they choose. The group addresses issues around bullying, mental health stigma and suicide prevention.  They are able to enjoy positive activities, learn self-improvement skills; and perform community service.


There is no charge to join the group, but participants have to be willing to follow the rules of the group, and help with fundraisers and community service work. The average group size on any given day is between 10- 20. Snack is provided for both meeting so that youth can make it until they get home for dinner. Both groups have access to the local soup kitchens when the groups are over.


The group also performs regular community service activities to earn special activities and privileges.

They have also done anti-bullying and anti-stigma presentations at area schools, cleanup of Oak Hill Park and other areas in Olean, supporting the biannual Genesis House Reuse auction, etc. Fundraisers the group holds include: Santa Claus Lane Parade hot cocoa sales, hotdog sales, Brunch and Talent Shows etc. Half of all funds raised at these peer-led events are donated to various community agencies and half the group keeps to help fund their own activities and supplies.