Internships at Camp New Horizons

Amazing. Fun. Challenging. I took away knowledge and experience with behaviors/mental illness, etc; a new appreciation for what I have and who I have in my life, memories, friendships, confidence. It changed my life.”

-2008 Camp Counselor

Camp New Horizons is dedicated to enhancing the academic development of future professionals in fields related to the special-needs population of children that we serve. With the understanding that different academic programs have various specific requirements for internship experiences, we will put forth the utmost effort so that those needs can be met within the parameters of our program. Working at Camp New Horizons is an invaluable experience for any student aspiring to enter a related field, and we wish to share that experience with as many students as possible.

As an intern during our seasonal program, you can complete as many as 500 internship hours in a one season. We can be very flexible in what we offer you as an internship experience. We would ask you to perform the basic duties of a camp counselor (for which you will be paid), but we would also make the necessary arrangements for additional experiences/duties.

To use Camp New Horizons as an internship site in the past, students have:

  • Submitted a daily journal and a final paper relaying overall impressions of the experience to their internship advisor.
  • Coupled experience with a single camper with research to create a case study based on a diagnosis (ADHD, ODD, PDD, Child Bipolar Disorder, etc.).
  • Performed a follow-up study with several families in order to assess the efficacy of the program.

For setting up an internship, it is your responsibility to work with the professor offering you the college credit, and address the following issues:

  • What experiences you would be required to have,
  • What records would need to be kept regarding your work,
  • How you would be evaluated by the director of the program,
  • How you would be evaluated by the professor,
  • What would need to be turned in to the professor at the completion of the internship,
  • And how many credits will be earned through this experience.



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