Information for Parents

Since 1976, children with mental health needs in Cattaraugus County have been given the opportunity to find success at our residential summer camp that is designed to meet their needs. Camp New Horizons is 100% free for each family, however we do request you to try to give if possible. We also reach out to your referring professional to see if they can help cover the cost of your campers fee. We also provide transportation for families in need and or people who live away from the camp area. Many parents are hesitant about sending their child, however we hope that in viewing the following pages, you are convinced of just how dedicated we are to meeting the needs of each and every child that attends our camp and to providing a fun, educational, and safe summer camp experience.

  • Children apply to camp by being referred by a professional (teacher, counselor, case worker, etc.)
  • Professional referral deadline is April 30th, but sometimes we still need more – especially for the 14-16 year old group. Please encourage any professionals that call to keep sending in applications because we may have cancellations.
  • Encourage referrals despite travel concerns. We will do everything we can to get accepted kids to and from the program.
  • 3 sessions/Monday-Friday:
    • 1st: July 17-21 for ages 8-10
    • 2nd: July 24-28 for ages 11-13
    • 3rd: July 31-August 4 for ages 14-16
  • Our camp office is at Creekside Chapel (2523 5 Mile Road Allegany NY 14706)
  • Our Camp Site is Camp Allegany inside the Allegany State Park
  • Parent applications are due May 30th (this may be adjusted for those who received late referrals or needed more time. However remember spots can fill up).

Why Camp New Horizons?

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Age 8-16 (while at camp)
  • A formal mental health related diagnosis OR receiving mental health related services.
  • Living in OR receiving services in Cattaraugus County.

Referral Process:

  • Beginning in February, referrals for the program are accepted.
  • Once you have signed a release of information form, your referring professional can submit a referral form directly to the camp office by fax or mail (info below). You may request a referral from a referring professional; if they need more information, please have them call or email Derric McElheney at the camp office.
  • Once the referral is received at the camp office, a parent application is mailed to you.
  • After you return the application to the camp office, a determination of eligibility is made, and you are notified of your admission status.
    • Children are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis so you are strongly encouraged to complete your application early.
    • We are limited to 90 campers per season; in 2009, we received over 200 referrals.
    • After we reach our capacity in an age/gender group, additional eligible children are put on our “wait list.” Because of cancellations and no-shows, many children from the “wait list” will be able to attend camp.
2017 Parent Paper work:
  • For further information, please call (716) 904-2593  or email the Camp Director
Office fax: 716-373-5268

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