“Change Forward” is a program you can get excited about and feel good about! With Change Forward, a single person, a couple, a group, or a business all have the opportunity to sponsor a week of camp at Camp New Horizons for a child. The money you donate will directly benefit the youth of Cattaraugus County.

 The motivation behind the Change Forward program is that through sponsorship you can CHANGE the life of a youth and help them to start moving FORWARD.” Your “change” or monetary donation will forever make a difference in the life of the child you sponsor. We see the emotional and behavioral effect that Camp New Horizons has on our campers and we want you to be able to participate in that with us!

 When you sponsor a camper through Change Forward, you will later receive a photo of the child you sponsored and a gift or item from that child that they created at camp for you, as a thank you. If you choose to participate in this program annually, we will do our best to ensure that you are connected to the same child year after year through sponsorship so that you will be able to see them grow through the photos. Your donation then creates a lifelong connection with your sponsored camper. If you live in the area, you may even have the opportunity to cross paths with the camper that you sponsored!

 For just $200 a year, you can help change the life of a Cattaraugus County youth as they attend camp. And this is not just any summer camp—Camp New Horizons is unique because a majority of the youth we serve are not invited to other camps due to their emotional or behavioral mental health disabilities. By participating in Change Forward, you are giving these youth the opportunity to have a formational experience that they would likely not have otherwise. 



By signing up with Change Forward you are ensuring that camp stays open for your family to continue to utilize year after year. This program is helping to pay your youth’s way to camp through sponsorship. We are asking parents and caregivers to allow camp the opportunity to share your child’s photo with a sponsor. While your child is at camp they have many opportunities to make small gifts and letters for people. We are asking you to also allow us to ask your child to write a quick thank you for the sponsor.

 This is a great opportunity for everyone. Through these donations we can explain the important principles of compassion and paying it forward. Many of our youth, as you may be aware, lack sympathy and compassion for others. Let the sponsors help your child come to camp. Let us help teach these valuable skills to your child. Let us continue to help your camper.

Juan 2008
Juan 2009
Juan 2010
Juan 2014
These pictures of Juan are a perfect example of how you could follow a camper year after year through an image. You can see his progression in age and the joy in his face while at camp. Juan is still with our program to date and he has made truly amazing strides in his self with the help of the work we are giving. Help us Achieve more for kids like Juan, help us give more to youth who used to be like I was.